Prayer Set for kids


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Maker: ماما في الشغل

Do you wish there was an easy way to get your child to pray the five daily Salah regularly without making them feel as though it’s a heavy chore?
One of the key reasons why, the habit of praying is not formed in young children is because progress is not actively measured or encouraged.

With this praying set , you and your child can track the daily 5 prayers throughout the week . This tracking system will ensure you that your kids will be committed to their daily prayers .Also you can give them your weekly evaluation for their progress .

The set includes :
– An erasable chart with the size of 50cmx35cm . The chart has a double face so you can stick it anywhere you want
– An erasable pen
– A small Wudu chart with a double face so you can stick it in the bathroom
– A small praying matt with the size of 70cm*35cm that you child can easily fold and put in their bag to allow them to pray anywhere .

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