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If you have physical products that you sell, you need to join as a maker. The exception is food catering and cake making, you need to join as a service provider at this stage. Service providers can be women who do freelance services like interior designers, nutritionists, fitness instructors…etc.
You can read more about becoming a service provider and available categories here ADD link of “Become a service provider” .
You can learn more about becoming a Maker and opening your own I Make This Store here: “become a maker

Yes you may. Plz note that when you buy from different makers in one cart, you will receive all the order together when all your different orders have been processed. If you wish to receive each order separately whenever ready, plz make sure you buy each order in a separate cart. Please note that shipping fees are less when you include all your orders in one cart.

I Make This is a marketplace that allows different women with small businesses to sell their products on it. A lot of those women produce a small number of handmade goods. We don’t have a warehouse and thus your order is picked from every distinct maker so the shipping fees are calculated for each maker separately. However, buying through I Make this is still cheaper than buying separately from those women because we have special shipping rates. Furthermore, when you buy from several makers in one cart, you are charged for the distinct pick ups but only one drop off as opposed to paying each delivery as both pick up and drop off. So you are still saving a lot on shipping cost through using the platform to buy from those makers.

Many of the makers on the platform are women with small businesses. A lot of the products are handmade and are processed once you place your order. Handmade items usually take longer to process than other products. Before buying you can always check the order processing time and make sure you are ok with it. We can assure you that it will be worth the wait!


No, we are currently an online platform only. However we do organize bazaars where you can meet our makers and view their products. Make sure you register on the website to receive our newsletter and learn early on about any upcoming bazaars.

Thank you for believing in the importance of buying from women with small businesses. People like you make our community stronger and more able to provide support. Here are a few ideas:
You can buy from the women showcasing their products here.
You can review the products you bought to encourage more people to buy.
You can recommend the platform to your family and friends
You can make sure you follow us on our social media platforms and share our posts. Our Facebook Page and our Instagram Account.

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