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Luggage rack
2,200.00 EGP
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Rebirth Collier
3,450.00 EGP
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White hat
250.00 EGP
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Silver Bracelet with authentic stones
1,800.00 EGP 2,200.00 EGP
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990.00 EGP
Sophie Clutch
500.00 EGP

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In a world of crushing uniformity, we strongly believe in individuality. Hence, our makers are creative talented women who sell unique products & offer innovative services. The makers are a variety of designers, crafters, artists who can render literally anything you may need for your home, yourself, your family and for those you may want to gift with a special handmade item. Our clients are not the regular high street callers, they are equally unique in their appreciation of beauty, art & it’s variant forms of expression.

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