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Become a Service Provider:

If you want to grow your business and gain brand exposure while giving your clients a noteworthy impression, we’ll take care of this for you.

There is a plethora of people on the Internet looking for your services. “I Make this!” will help you reach more clients and amplify your online presence across the digital world.

Tell your story and use your online profile to teach your potential clients about you, your journey and how your services add value to their lives. This is a place where you can express your identity and find clients that relate to you and support you.

Why Collaborate with Us?

-Grow your business: Our tools and services make it easy to manage, promote and grow your business. With just a few clicks away, clients can find you.
– Sell your brand: Your contact information, social media pages and pictures of your work are readily available to your potential clients at their fingertips.
-Highlight your uniqueness: “I Make This!” doesn’t just provide a regular directory. We give you the space to tell your story, bring out your unique selling point and grab the client’s attention.
-Build a solid reputation: “I Make This!” provides your clients a platform to give reviews about your services. You can even use the feedback to improve your services and fulfill the needs of your audience.
-Expand your success: We offer innovative online branding, marketing strategies and solutions to increase your client base and revenue growth.
-Get Advice: Ask questions and find a community of makers and other freelance service providers like you in “IMT Lab” Facebook group.

What services can you promote on “I Make This”?

“I Make This!” provides exposure for any female freelance service provider such as Interior designers, Photographers, Graphic designers, Event planners, Trip organizers, Life Coaches, Food Caterers, Cake makers, Nutritionists, Fitness Trainers, Adult courses, Children activities, Translators, Makeup Artists, Stylists, Yoga instructors, graphic designers, startup service providers and many more freelancers and service business owners.

Getting Started Is Easy

It’s easy to set up your service on “I Make This!” services directory. With just a few steps, you can add, change, or remove content from your profile with very little or no technical knowledge!

  • Register on I Make This as a service provider
  • Pay your annual membership fees
  • Add pictures, content, fees, contact information to your created profile.


Fees for joining:

There is an annual subscription fee for joining that is LE 1500.

The Success Stories

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