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In Travelero We always believe that every monument, place, historical character even every word has a story that we should explore it. So We decided not only to tell people about the regular info about the monuments but to be a storyteller and to explore the stories behind every historical character , monument even quotes or words that we used to say or hear it without knowing where it come from. The history & monuments of Egypt are like an endless treasure.

So if you want to have an exceptional your experience, unleash the hidden secrets and see our beloved Egypt from a different perspective, join us in our upcoming trips.
  • We organize Tours & Trips inside Egypt as Siwa , Nubia, Luxor & Aswan, Dahab , Marsa Alaam, Fayoum, Oasis etc. and tours to Sultan Hassan IbnTulun , Religious complex Muiz street Mohamed Ali Palace etc..
  • Also we can organize private tours & trips.
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  • upcoming event: Nubia “The Land of The Gold” 4 Days 3 Nights (6 : 9 January)

– Our Program: 

Day 0 (Tuesday 5th of Jan 2021):

– Gathering on Tuesday 5th of Jan 2021 at 4:30 PM in Ramses railway station.
– Moving 5:15 PM to Aswan by VIP train.

         ✅ Day 1 (Wednesday 6th of Jan 2021):

– Arriving Aswan.

– Check in at Double/Triple rooms at Nubian Cataract (Nile view)

– Rest time.

– Visiting Kalabsha Temple

– Lunch and nile Tour in Nasser lake on Dahbia.

– Return to Hotel.

Day 2 (Thursday 7th of Jan 2021): 


– Visiting Nubian Museum

– High Dam

– Philae Temple 

– Lunch at Heisa Island.

– Watching sunset on the Nile with the view from the top of the island.

– Sound & light Show at Philae Temple. (Optional)

Day 3 (Friday 8th of Jan 2021):


– Visiting Botanical island & Tombs of the Nobles 

– Visiting Barbar Beach and taking nubian coffee (Gabana) at Mafia House

– Lunch at Anakato Beach in Gharb Soheil.

– Special Nubian Galabya Party (Zafa).

– Visiting crocodile’s house & Shopping in the Nubian Market.


Day 4: (Saturday 9th of Jan 2021):

– Breakfast.

– Enjoy the Nile view from Nubian Cataract & photo session.

– Check out.

– Free tour at Aswan Market.

– Back to Cairo on VIP train 6 PM.

  • Cost:

– 3650 EGP per person in a Double / Triple room.


  • Deadline for reservations:

– 30 of December 2020

  • Package Includes:

1- Accommodation in Nubian Cataract in Double/Triple rooms.

2- Sightseeing tickets.

3- All mentioned meals (3 Breakfast – 3 Dinners).

4- All the internal transportation in Aswan.

5- Tour Guide.

6- Professional Photographer.


  • Excludes:

1- Transportation from Cairo to Aswan and back

2- Sound & light show at Philae Temple.

3- Your pocket money.

  • Cancellation & Refund Policy:

– Before 25 Dec   50% Refund

– After 25 Dec      0% Refund

  • ‎‏Payment method:
    1. CIB ATM Machines
    2. Bank account
    3. Vodafone Cash
  • Children policy:

– Free till 5 years 

– 50% from 6 to 10 years.

  • For more info & Reservation please call us or whats app on: 


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