Suzy Wadin FH

Detailed Information

Certified Stylist and Fashion Designer from Istituto di Moda Burgo and Bocconi.

I help individuals find their comfort and confidence through guiding them in the right direction of finding the apparel that suits them and help boost their confidence.

Individuals need to make a positive first impression to build relationships and engage with
clients and prospects. Appearance, body language and voice all count.
Many people have similar experience and expertise.
You need a personal image that does you and your experience justice. Without it, you are
likely to be passed over for job opportunities, relationships or whatever your goal takes you.

Working with me, individual clients learn what works for them. They receive tailored advice they
can easily put into practice so they achieve long term change.

Coach and guide in the following areas:
Personal Style Evaluation
Dressing according to Body shape
Personal grooming advice
Wardrobe Management
Dressing for success
Dressing and styling guidance

Date Established
500-3000 EGP
Contact Information
Royal Valley , 6tg Of October, الجيزة


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