Soul Reading with Nada Ali

Detailed Information
    • What is soul reading⁉️

Soul reading is kind of holistic therapy that has the ability to know everything about anyone just by looking at his picture or see his face,it can be even done by knowing only his name.

    • What exactly can soul reading discover ⁉️

Literally everything about any person his/her strength,weaknesses,pain,talents,thoughts,whether his ambitions or not,whether he is working on him/her self or not, what do to be more connected,how was his/her childhood,the suitable jobs for him/her,whether If he/she has any blockage inside,his/her true desires,whether if you are in the right relationship or not,literally everything,reading can know everything,even interpretation of dreams.

    • What are the benefits of soul reading⁉️

1- It gives a full clear picture about who you really are.

2- It helps you to understand yourself,know more about your true self and connect to it.

3- It helps you to know talents and abilities that you might never know you have it.

4- It helps you to know your strength points so you can develop it.

5- It helps you to know your weaknesses so you can work on it.

6- It helps you to know your pain so you can heal it.

7-It helps you to know whether If you’re on the right track or not.

8- It helps you to confront your hidden insecurities and sadness and understand the roots of it.

9- It helps you to know the best job for you.

10-It helps you to be best version of yourself.

11- If you are shifting career and confused about the best path for you.

    • Who can do soul reading ⁉️

Anyone who wants to grow and evolve and know more about him/her self.

All what is needed your photo and open heart to benefit from the reading.

Date Established
350 LE EGP
Contact Information
Emtedad Ramses 2,Nasr City , Nasr City, Egypt 11751