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اسمي راندا و بحب الاكل الحلو و الطبخ و بحب اجرب الوصفات الجديدة من مختلف أنحاء العالم و بحب الناس و اللمه و العزايم و لذلك حبيت اشارككم وصفاتي و هي كلها متجربة و خطوة بخطوة علشان أي حد بغض النظر عن خبرته في المطبخ يقدر ينفذ الوصفات. أنا اؤمن ان آي حد ممكن يعمل أكل رائع اذا رغب و صبر. ❤️Cook with love and bake with heart ! Why waste your time and effort in testing recipes? I have done it for you! All my recipes are tested, tried and improved. I love good food and was exposed to different food cultures growing up. I fantasized about cooking & baking but having been surrounded by excellent cooks & bakers my whole life I didn’t really have to do it myself until I moved to a new country I started to challenge myself to cook & bake & over time surprised myself, family and friends at how delicious my food was. And now, I want to share my experience with you as I truly believe that anyone can cook yummy food – with some patience, will power & love

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