Picmania by Mona Labib

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Hello Everyone 😊 I’m so thrilled that I am going to share with you my business, not just because it’s my passion and what I enjoy doing the most, but because I am sure you’re gonna be an important stepping stone to my success 😍.

My name is Mona Labib and I’m the founder of “Picmania by Mona Labib”. I love all types of Photography, but I am specialized in Family, kids and product photography. It’s always a pleasure and joy to capture family moments through my lens or present someone’s product and be part of his/her success.

I started my journey by taking the Photography Course and then by attending many workshops in order to develop my talent. And recently I became a certified Fashion Stylist, which helps me a lot in styling my photosessions.

Finally, I’ll be glad if you take a look at my account on the website and visit my Instagram page 🙂.

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1500-depends on no. of pics. EGP
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