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I’m dr.Manar Barr, i’m a physician who admires classy attitude. I became a certified etiquette consultant & good manners professor.
We provide courses for adults, teens & kids.

Etiquette is the rules dealing with exterior form. Manners mean polite behaviour of an individual.
learning etiquette is not only about the fork you use, it’s life style.
Etiquette transforms your life from ordinary man & woman to a gentleman & classy lady.

good manners must be learnt to the kids to change their normal or stubborn attitude to royal style

We have many courses

* Classy lady etiquette (3 classes)

* Classy happy wife (3 classes)

* Dining etiquette including High tea (3 classes)

* good manners for kids & teens (3 classes)

* lil princess & lil prince course (3 classes)

* business Etiquette ( 3 classes)

* special occasions etiquette ( 3 classes)

* special protocol ( 3 to 4 classes)

Date Established
600 to 1200 EGP