Kheir Geddeity & Bon Geddy

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Kheir Geddeity was launched 5 years ago.It’s all natural, fresh, home made pickles. It has no preservative, low in salt and contains vinegar and lemon juice, no added water. We are using seasonal vegetables like Olives, Okra, Zucchini, Beetroot and Cucumber.

Bon Geddy’s coffee has been a leading wholesale supplier of coffee the past 30 years. We decided to re-brand our product to add new naming (محمصة و بن جدي) that gives the product a new marketing flavor which target our old customers together with new different markets segments. Our special coffee blend is extracted from the finest Arabica and Rabusta coffee beans imported from Brazil & Indonesia.



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60 - 100 EGP
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Group 47, Building 4, Apt 32 , Cairo, Cairo 1234