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Hadeer is a passionate, inspirational coach & enthusiastic trainer. Hadeer’s core mission to empower, motivate & inspire women. She aims to facilitate change for individuals who want to live high quality life with the best version of themselves..
She started her journey in Psychology in 2015 with extensive studies in different Psychological, Consciousness & Spiritual schools, from which she gained her training and coaching certifications. Hadeer began her training & coaching career in 2016. Currently she had more than 200 training days & 600 coaching hours.

• Group Coaching & Workshop: Influential topics that engraves positive impact in people’s lives. Hadeer’s journeys are transformational ones, that gives you the effective tools you need to get the fulfilled life you always dreamed of. Group dynamics always enrich the learning experience through wisdom sharing.

• Ladies Retreats: Hadeer leads group / solo ladies retreats outside & inside Egypt. Ranges from a two days weekend retreat to a full week retreats. The aim of the retreats is to allow ladies to escape the world & check out from their scheduled life & only focus on their wellbeing throughout extensive coaching & relaxation techniques. Also they will enjoy the new country & make lifetime friends.

•Integrative&SystemicCoaching:It’s a diverse combination of healing methods & coaching tools allowing clients to release painful emotions & gain freedom from the past. It also helps to detangle struggles in current / past relationships, allowing clients to have a healthy relationship or conscious separation.

• Enneagram Coaching & Typing Interviews: Exploring more about your enneagram type, understand the motives behind your behaviours & discover your blind spots that holding you from self growth & full potential life.
• Business Mentoring: It’s for ladies who would like to start a micro business (product or service) We go together through business model, feasibility study & psychological aspects.Allowing her to start / develop her business on a more solid ground basis

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