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Your home should reflect who you are, and while everything in it should serve a need it should also bring you joy. Taking both form and function into account, and using your own unique taste as a guideline, we will elevate your space — be it the room you’ve slept in for years or an entirely new house — to its utmost potential. There is no need to say goodbye to pieces you own that may seem outdated to you: we renovate and rearrange the old so it seamlessly fits in with the new. True to our name, our specialty is fusing different styles together to create harmony, and furnishing every corner with inventiveness for an overall sense of balance and cohesion. 

Here are some of the services we offer: 

-Helping you plan the right layout; a blend of elegance and practicality

-Curating mood boards for inspiration, and design boards to further visualize each room

-Revamping old, beloved furniture to better fit your updated vision of your space

-Selecting new furniture and accessories to complement your old pieces

-Creating custom furniture, storage spaces and more according to your needs and preferences

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Design fees vary depending on the space/ number of rooms and required services, starting from 3,000 EGP. Custom furniture & furniture renovation prices are determined per piece EGP
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