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Hi all 🙂
My name is May Wahsh, I’m a Certified Holistic Health Nutritionist, I got certified from the American Fitness Professional & Associates (AFPA) and currently enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (INN)

My goal is to support you to UNDERSTAND your body, BOOST  you immunity and health by changing your eating habits,  lifestyle and become the BEST version of yourself.  I’ll help you understanding the relationship between body and mind.

It will be my pleasure to walk you through the CHANGE JOURNEY where you’ll achieve your desired goals.

I know how hard it feels to be bloated, tired, exhausted, not getting enough sleep.
I know the feeling of being controlled by sugar cravings and I know the feeling of trying to reach the target weight by following different diet programs which apparently leads to yo-yo dieting.
I know when you wake up setting the intention to eat healthy, practice healthy habits then by midday your sugar cravings win.
I know the guilt feelings at the end of each day because of not being able to COMMIT, I know all that because I’ve gone through it all.

Change! It is the secret word that made me move on with a different perspective. I decided that I have to change because I fed up trying and going back to where I started.
I simply fed up with being controlled by my cravings; I hated being always tired, sick and exhausted so I searched for the root cause.

It all started by listening to my body, as I’m the perfect judge of what my body needs to live a better life by following a healthy lifestyle. I learned that our bodies and minds are interrelated and healing comes from within.

I decided to take it further and seeked a solid credible education about health and holistic nutrition and after a year of gaining amazing knowledge I got certified to start a new journey.

My PASSION  is to always support you !


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