Access Bars – Release Energetic Blocks

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Hello there beautiful soul! ✨ I’m sure that you clicked here because you know that there is so much more to this life than you are currently experiencing. If so, you are in the right place.

My name is Mariam Hafez and recently, I decided to become an Access Bars practitioner after I experienced its benefits, and it helped me heal deeply from an emotionally manipulative relationship.

If you don’t know what that is, you will soon discover that this may be the most relaxing, yet life changing body process you could ever experience.

* What exactly are Access Bars?

Access Bars  are 32 points on the head that are lightly touched by the practitioner durin  g the session. This releases the electromagnetic charge of emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and fears that are limiting us in all areas of life……. such as money, relationships, healing, physical body, and more.

The results of doing this creates gradual change in you and your life for the greater. This could include, but definitely not limited to:
– increased self awareness,
– emotional healing from past traumas,
– reacting differently towards people and situations
– a sense of being more of YOU
– overall more ease and possibilities in all areas of life 💫

It is best to experience it for yourself without any expectations and see what it creates in you life. Just dont forget in the following weeks or months after the session(s) what started the change in the first place 😉

Access Bars is an internationally known process and it is suitable for everyone, even kids!

Here is a link from the official website that explains more.

Please feel free to contact me on whatsapp for a session.

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450 EGP
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Mokattam , Cairo


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