Hoops Double Earring


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Maker: EMAN &CO. Changeable jewelry

Material: Gold Plated Brass
Thickness: 3 mm
Weigh: 7gm (the side)

Hoops is an exploration of how a single line can be shaped.

This collection is one of our best selling minimal jewelry pieces, its pure elegance and super minimal design makes it timeless collection that fits all styles.

Photos on model by Mohamad El-Hadidi


690.00 EGP

2 in stock

All our pieces are plated in-house with great care and high quality, using the tips below will ensure that it lasts for really long, bring you  happiness.

If your plated piece is not shining as it used to, polish it with toothpaste using a soft cloth or even your hand.

Remember to avoid getting perfumes, lotions, soap or makeup on your plated piece. If any of these products get on your piece by mistake, wipe it off as soon as possible with a soft cloth.

Remember to take off your plated pieces before swimming.

Store you plated jewelry separately in its box!

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